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livethe_journal's Journal

The More I Talk About It, The Less I Do Control

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Hey everyone! Not much about me, I'm a typical teen with typical teen problems, with a twist. In this journal you'll find lots of complaining, lots of betch fits, me going on about my current relationship, and boring rambling. Other than that it can be fun! Rulesss:
*I try hard to comment on all of you all's stuff, so please comment on mine atleast every couple of entries
*This journal is a place for me to vent or whatever, not for you to betch fit about how you don't agree with me, so if you have anything negative to say, then you need to post it on YOUR journal
*If you want to be my friend, please fill out the questions located below
*PlEaSe DoN't TyPe LiKe ThIs, I do it as a joke, but you shouldn't
*if u tlk lyke this, dont add me either cuz it iz so annoying!!11- the computer is also a tool for education, so use it that way, too!
*Like I said, I'm a teen, and I won't add any sketch journals, so if you don't have any useful information in your profile, don't apply as a friend

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*Name: [first only!]
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